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Current focus: inspiration to live a compassionate and joyous life.

Was obsessed with Felonious Gru, photo enhancing using pixlr, and posting my photos to flickr. Started this blog bc I love Anthony Stewart Head. Other loves: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Robert Downey Jr., Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith movies. Other interests: fandom, fanfic, vids and manips and art involving characters I get interested in. I care about feminism, LGBTQ rights, vegetarianism, environmentalism, and wisdom and truth.

Why are humans moral? Patricia Churchland, author of “Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality,” is here to explain how humans evolved to be moral beings. How did we go from the attachment and bonding between parent and child to the sophisticated moral landscape we have today? Churchland believes a big part of the answer is in the evolution of the mammalian brain.

here is a woman who renews my faith in humankind.  :)

Sen. Bernie Sanders asked a panel of experts to contrast the United States health care system with single-payer models throughout the world.

Go Canada! :)

"We Need Libraries" was written by One Man And His Beard in 2011 in response to the alarming cuts happening to the Library service in the UK, and that are still happening around the world.

The video features many leading Library Campaigners,Authors and stars from the world of entertainment, including Ian Rankin, Reverend Richard Coles, Robin Ince, Andrew Collins, Gideon Coe, Philip Ardagh, Alan Gibbons, Lucy Porter, Ruth Barnes and many more Library lovers from around the world holding the card that never stops giving - their Library card!

The message from Ian Anstice of Public Libraries News describes, along with the song, all the reasons “We Need Libraries”.

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Video made by Chris Arkley of Out of the Ark Productions 
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a renowned Nigerian novelist was born in Nigeria in 1977. She grew up in the university town of Nsukka, Enugu State where she attended primary and secondary schools, and briefly studied Medicine and Pharmacy. She then moved to the United States to attend college, graduating summa cum laude from Eastern Connecticut State University with a major in Communication and a minor in Political Science. She holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins and a Masters degree in African Studies from Yale University. She was a 2005-2006 Hodder Fellow at Princeton, where she taught introductory fiction. Chimamanda is the author of Half of a Yellow Sun, which won the 2007 Orange Prize For Fiction; and Purple Hibiscus, which won the 2005 Best First Book Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the 2004 Debut Fiction Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. In 2009, her collection of short stories, The Thing around Your Neck was published. She was named one of the twenty most important fiction writers today under 40 years old by The New Yorker and was recently the guest speaker at the 2012 annual commonwealth lecture. She featured in the April 2012 edition of Time Magazine, celebrated as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She currently divides her time between the United States and Nigeria.

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